LDS Calling Manager

Two ways to use CallingManager.com

1. Load demo calling data

If you don't have access to Leader and Clerk Resources or just want to kick the tires, try the demo below.

Launch Demo

2. Copy and paste from LDS.org

  1. Click this link to display LCR calling data. LDS.org will prompt you to log in if necessary.
  2. Copy all the text on the page ("CTRL A" to select all, then "CTRL C" to copy)
  3. Paste into the first box below ("CTRL V" to paste)
  4. You can optionally repeat for "Out of Unit Callings", but the process is a little more difficult.
    • Visit the "Out of Unit Callings" page.
    • Right click in a blank part of the page and select "Inspect".
    • Select the "Network" tab.
    • Refresh the page.
    • Look for a listing that starts with "out-of-unit-callings?lang=..." and click on it.
    • Click on the "Response" tab.
    • Select all the text that appears and paste it into the 2nd box below.
  5. Then submit the form to continue

Submit wait... is this okay to do?

Is it safe to use this site?

Great question! Church policy is very clear that membership data should NOT be sent to third-party servers, websites or cloud-based service providers.

Q. But aren't I submitting data to CallingManager.com?

A. While it may seem like it, the answer is NO. Allow me to explain... CallingManager.com loads an application in your web browser, while all the information you enter and the work you do with that data takes place on your local computer similar to using a spreadsheet program or other desktop software. To get a bit more technical this page uses client side javascript and jquery code to accept, parse, and output everything. No communication with the server is necessary beyond the initial page load.

Q. I'm still not sure... can you prove it?

A. Of course! Not only is all the code used to manage callings open source (you can look at all the nuts and bolts yourself if you like), there is a nice and simple way to put your mind at ease. After loading this page, feel free to disconnect from wifi or unplug your internet connection. Then input your calling data and work off-line. When you are done and have printed your changes close the browser and reconnect to the internet.